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Non-suck-ass people

Do you suck?
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It's a rating community. I'm kind of bitchy. So are the other members

We've got rules, sort of.
For new applicants:
1. become a member
2. Do the whole application thing
3. put it behind an lj-cut.
4. If you don't know how to do that, leave
5. Include in the subject line, "I am a loozer if no me get in." It must be written just as shown.
6. You must bold and format the application just as I do
You must do the above things within ... awhile of joining.
7. One of the mods will vote on you when we're good and god damn ready. This could be anywhere from 3 days to 3 weeks. If you bitch to us about not getting a stamp, I'll personally hunt you down and kick you in the groin.
8. When posting pictures on your application, if you want to make the mods life easier you should include a 100x100 (that's pixels, not inches) picture for the accepted list. Assuming, of course, you get accepted.
9. As far as listing your favorite stuff goes, you can list as many "scene" or "indy" things as you want. We see it a lot, but frankly we don't care all that much. Opinions are opinions. Examples are: Chuck Palahniuk, Blink 182, Hot Topic, Anne Rice, etc. Rest assured that we will make fun of you relentlessly if you list Blink 182, but if the goal for you is to get as many scene points as possible, then by all means. Put it in.

For accepted members:
1. You must add us to your friends page. Failure to do so will result in an ass kicking
2. You must vote on the first three applicants after you're accepted
3. You must bold your yes or no answer
4. You must provide a reason for your yes or no even if it's "see above answers" or "your bands suck."
5. You may not call people ugly. This is just a pet peeve of mine. You can say "you're cute" or other positive things about a person's appearance, but nothing about being ugly. You may vote based on any other part of the application
6. Put a link or one of the badges (below the application) in your user info. It's good for community traffic.

Other stuff:
1. Applicants may fight with members if they get a no. Don't fight like a dumbass, but if the member says, "U suk b/c GC iz teh shizz and dun liek dem," you are allowed to come back with, "Good Charlotte fucking sucks and you're a fuckant who can't spell or type correctly."
2. While fighting with the members is allowed, there shall be no total jackassery on the part of the applicant in question ("Well I never wanted to be in this community anyway because it sucks and you suck you asshole your all so vain i'm glad i'm not in this community because you all suck and you suck really bad you guys are assholes"). We're well aware of our vanity. We don't need to be told twice. We're just having fun, so if this rule sounds like something you might do, don't even bother.
3. Members may call applicants mean names as long as they don't revolve around race or physical appearance. These mean names may include but are not limited to: bitch, asshole, dumbass, fuckant, loser, fucknut, fuckwit, cockmonkey, dickhole, butt pirate, pissdrinker, asslicker, ballboy, butt-nut, tithorse, Good Charlotte listener, cuntcheese, dickmilk, Tim Armstrong, donkey-dick, cavegirl, slut, Oprah, vaginamonster, ass spelunker, and so on...
4. The mods decissions are final. If you start to bitch and whine about being rejected or your friend being rejected or any of a variety of other stupid petty things... well, honestly there's nothing we can really do about it. However, I recomend you save yourself from the subsequent flames that are sure to come your way, so just don't do it.

Alright, I guess that's it. Now to the application. Again, it will appear on your post behind your lj-cut exactly as it appears here (unless the question is specified as something that doesn't need to be answered):

Sex (if it is different from gender):
Sexual preference: (if you want to tell us that)

Favourite style of music:
Favourite bands/artists: (list as many as you need to [less than 20])
List some favourite songs (less than 6) and only include reasons if they're really important because I don't really care much:
What artist (or band if you're a fucking freak) would you fuck?
Any genres you hate?
Any bands/artist you hate? (Michael Bolton is implied)

Favourite film genre:
Favoutite movies: (list as many as you need to [less than 20])
What movie character would you fuck?
Any movies you hate?

Favourite book genre (are they called that?):
Favoutite books (less than 5 because I don't give much of a shit):
Did you read any of the LotR books other than the Hobbit before the movies came out?

Opinions (don't be a fucking pansy)
What do you think of:

Gay people:
Gay people if they hit on you:
Gay people if they're trying to impose their queer-ass ways upon the sanctity of marriage:
Punk kids:
The US government:
Far right-wingers:
Far left-wingers:
George W. Bush:
Good Charlotte:
Britney Spears:
Marilyn Manson:
Those Columbine kids:
Sex before marriage:
Donnie Darko:
Bright Eyes:
Chuck Palahniuk:
Antidepressants/those who use them:
Body Modification (piercings, tattoos, scarification, etc.):

More Opinions

*Should I have the right to say anything I want on national television?
*If you said no, where do you draw the line?
*If you said yes, do you believe I should be allowed to talk about how much I hate blacks and gays? Should I be allowed to encourage violence against them? Should I be allowed to encourage rebellion against the United States of America by means of invasion of the whitehouse and killing of the Bush administration?
*Should I have the right to show anything I want (like my nipple) on national television?
*If there were a petition going around in your town trying to stop the KKK from having their parade (mind you, they have a permit) there, would you sign it?
*If you said no, would your answer change if the parade would be likely to instigate riots? (not riots caused by the KKK members, but by outraged citizens)
*If there were a trolley car that was out of control and about to hit and kill 6 people, and there was a lever you (and only you) could pull to turn it off course and kill 1 person, would you do it?
*If you said no, would your answer change if the situation were 1000 vs. 1?
*If you said yes, would your answer change if the one person was you?
*Do you think these are shitty questions?
*If you were given the choice to lose your sight or your hearing (and you had to pick one or the other), which would it be, and why?
*You're trapped on a desert island. You somehow managed to grab one person, one thing (a toy, a keepsake, or whatever), and one restaurant. Who, what, why?

Label yourself (yes, you have to):
What do you like to do?
Do you use any recreational drugs? If so, which ones?
Do you have any body modifications? If so, which ones? If not, what are your feelings on them?

How did you get here?
How will you make sure other people get here?
Did you lj-cut?
Do you have anything interesting to add?
post here a minimum of one picture. More than that shall be linked to

* is there to distinguish one question from the next. It is not necessary that it be included in your application. Other things that need not be included are the text within parenthesis and questions that do not apply to you (the "If you said __" questions should only be there if you said __)


take one and stick it in your userinfo for promo, because that would be cool. Apperantly most people are too lazy to right-click, so included is a text box which you can just copy and paste.

The Mods

rustysmurf (also creator) (application)

leujin (application)
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riff_raff (application)
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milly_monkey (application)
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ourownarrogance (application)
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grr_argh (application)
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samspam (application)
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lonelyswedish (application)
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mercury_glitch (application)
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ice_dragon00 (application)
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stephanina (application)
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desired_donkey (application)
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sparkyx (application)
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ivan_osario (application)
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insane_llama (application)
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iamlarrydavid (application)
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supah_onionz (application)
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severedlimbs (application)

xxdiabolicxx (application

chelt (application)

misspadfoot (application)


chickyboo (application)

mayhemfaze (application)

fedupchild (application)

dolla_bill_btk (application)

The Stamps

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