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I am a loozer if no me get in. [Dec. 13th, 2005|09:42 pm]
Do you suck?


[mood |boredbored]
[music |"Defying Gravity" - Wicked]

Gender: Female
Sex (if it is different from gender): Female works for me, since I can't be a gay man
Sexual preference: Gay men. Failing that, nerdy guys and certain types of girls.
Location: Albuquerque

Favourite style of music:
Anything with an electric guitar or Japanese lyrics. Both are preferable.
Favourite bands/artists: Malice Mizer, Moi Dix Mois, Yum! Yum! Orange, Miyavi, Placebo, anything Nobuo Uematsu does
List some favourite songs (less than 6) and only include reasons if they're really important because I don't really care much: "Mephisto Waltz" by MDM, "Nancy Boy (sex mix)" by Placebo, and the new remix of "One Winged Angel" Uematsu did for the Advent Children movie. Mmm, electric guitar.
What artist (or band if you're a fucking freak) would you fuck? Mana. I love my girly men.
Any genres you hate? Rap. I like *one* Eminem song and other than that, I think it's awful.
Any bands/artist you hate? Ashlee Simpson. Now on her CD they've adjusted things so she can sing, and that's fine (and an admitted guilty pleasure). Live, she's a nightmare.

Favourite film genre:
Favoutite movies: Nightmare Before Christmas, Man in the Iron Mask, Pride and Prejudice (the A&E version, not the Keira "I'm in every fucking British movie for the next ten years jesus christ" Knightly version), the LotR trilogy
What movie character would you fuck? Any of Eddie Izzard's characters (even the trashy agent in Velvet Goldmine) and Jack Skellington (insert your own "getting boned" joke here).
Any movies you hate? Van Helsing and Troy. That was the summer of shitty movies (excepting Shrek 2 of course).

Favourite book genre (are they called that?):
Fantasy tripe
Favoutite books (less than 5 because I don't give much of a shit): everything Anne Bishop has written
Did you read any of the LotR books other than the Hobbit before the movies came out? I'm working on Fellowship now. I loved the movies enough to inspire me to read the books.

Opinions (don't be a fucking pansy)
What do you think of:
I don't agree with the concept of using it as birth control and I don't think I could ever get one. I usually say I'm pro-choice for everyone else but pro-life for me.
Religion: I love religion and mythology. I especially love Eastern religion. It is my goal to read the entire Mahabarata before I die.
Gay people: Are fun.
Gay people if they hit on you: Are even more fun.
Gay people if they're trying to impose their queer-ass ways upon the sanctity of marriage: Hooray for homos.
Punk kids: You silly kids with your mohawks and Avril Lavigne and clothes purchased from Hot Topic. (This statement aside, I really don't care.)
The US government: Has royally pissed off the rest of the world and I'm ready for a new president.
Far right-wingers: Are batshit insane.
Far left-wingers: Are equally batshit insane.
George W. Bush: Makes for a mighty fine GI Joe doll.
Good Charlotte: Who? (Seriously, I cannot distinguish between popular bands.)
Britney Spears: Got so much trashier after marrying Federline. I mean she was probably always trashy but now she doesn't bother hiding it.
Marilyn Manson: Is awfully pretty and fascinates me.
Those Columbine kids: Clearly disturbed. More disturbing is that no one noticed or tried to help.
Sex before marriage: I think it's good to know what kind of chemistry you have together before you get married.
Catholics: Not my cup of tea, but they do have some pretty awesome traditions I like. There's a statue of Mary in a Catholic church in Sacramento that's been crying blood for a few weeks now.
Mormons: Also not my cup of tea, and they don't really interest me as much as Catholics do.
Donnie Darko: I have sadly never seen this.
Bright Eyes: Who?
Chuck Palahniuk: I know he's an author but I haven't read his stuff.
Antidepressants/those who use them: I think these people can be split into two groups. Group A has a legitimate need for the drugs. Group B likes to go "Woe is me!" and get attention.
Anorexia: Sad. I'm grateful I never had the urge to take part in this.
Body Modification (piercings, tattoos, scarification, etc.): Go for it, my friend.

More Opinions
*Should I have the right to say anything I want on national television?
*If you said no, where do you draw the line? Full nudity, porn, graphic violence.
*Should I have the right to show anything I want (like my nipple) on national television? No.
*If there were a petition going around in your town trying to stop the KKK from having their parade (mind you, they have a permit) there, would you sign it? Yes. Clearly they have the right to have a parade, since they have a permit. But I also have the right to sign a petition protesting the matter.
*If there were a trolley car that was out of control and about to hit and kill 6 people, and there was a lever you (and only you) could pull to turn it off course and kill 1 person, would you do it? I'm honestly surprised to think there may be people who answered no to this question. Yes I would.
*If you said yes, would your answer change if the one person was you? I would like to think my answer wouldn't change, but who knows what a chicken I'd become under pressure.
*Do you think these are shitty questions? They're keeping me from doing my Victorian Studies paper, so I'm just fine with them.
*If you were given the choice to lose your sight or your hearing (and you had to pick one or the other), which would it be, and why? Hearing. I love reading and writing too much to give up my sight. I can stand to give up music and voices.
*You're trapped on a desert island. You somehow managed to grab one person, one thing (a toy, a keepsake, or whatever), and one restaurant. Who, what, why? A Navy SEAL, a submarine, and Taco Bell. The SEAL can pilot the submarine back to real live land and help us survive. And I like Taco Bell. Mmm, crunchwrap supremes.

Label yourself (yes, you have to):
Geeky McNerdyPants.
What do you like to do? Frolic on the internet, collect My Little Ponies, play video games.
Do you use any recreational drugs? Nope.
Do you have any body modifications? If so, which ones? Just two piercings in each ear. I'd like to get a third in each and get a butterfly tattoo someday.

How did you get here?
leujin pimps it sometimes
How will you make sure other people get here? I've placed the Link "I Bet You Suck" banner in my user info.
Did you lj-cut? I sure as hell hope I did.
Do you have anything interesting to add? I've set fire to an oven mitt and a pack of Frappuccino bottles. Does that make me hardcore?
Post here a minimum of one picture. More than that shall be linked to:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
This is the lame one I use for Myspace. But I recently dyed my hair red. And just for shits and giggles, here's the last picture I took of my vintage pony collection and here's a pony I customized and an icon to make lives easier.

[User Picture]From: insane_llama
2005-12-14 05:51 am (UTC)

I say yes

+Being the first app in months
+General feeling of the app
-Television answers

There's nothing that really pushes me to vote no and you generally seen cool, plus I haven't gotten to vote on an app in longer than I can remember (perhaps we should have kept Boredcool?). Being that you seem to not suck, I vote YES
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: misspadfoot
2005-12-14 06:03 am (UTC)

Re: I say yes

Sweet, thank ye muchly. I hope I can make up for my television answers by saying I stay up late every night specifically to watch Adult Swim and boggle at how Seth Macfarlane is just TRYING to piss off the FCC.

And if not ... Adult Swim still rules.
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: insane_llama
2005-12-14 06:11 am (UTC)

Re: I say yes

adult swim is good, yes, but the point is i strongly feel that everything should be shown on tv and that the fcc can get fucked. but you don't actually need to try and save your answers, i voted yes
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: misspadfoot
2005-12-14 06:14 am (UTC)

Re: I say yes

(Just for the sake of curiosity.) Why does absolutely everything need to be shown on television? With the advent of the internet, pretty much anything can be published anywhere. People have the ability to access unlimited amounts of information. Why do you feel it needs to be on television?
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: insane_llama
2005-12-14 03:53 pm (UTC)

Re: I say yes

Well, with the same logic, why shouldn't it be shown? It feels limiting and takes out the visuals for everyday parts of life and makes things that many people experience taboo. It just feels stupid to put such limits on freedom of speech.
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
From: iamlarrydavid
2005-12-14 06:53 am (UTC)


Whatever. I've come to the conclusion that these applications are retarded and their only purpose is to seperate the articulate from the illiterate. I say yes because of Nobuo Uematsu. Fuck, I still haven't seen Advent Children.
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: misspadfoot
2005-12-14 06:54 am (UTC)

Re: Yes

It's pretty, but I only got REALLY interested in the last half hour or so. But that half hour? AMAZING stuff.

Thanks, by the way.
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
From: rustysmurf
2005-12-14 07:03 am (UTC)

Hell yes

I like you a lot. And I don't think it's just because I'm high either
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: misspadfoot
2005-12-14 07:14 am (UTC)

Re: Hell yes

Haha. Thank ye kindly.
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: leujin
2005-12-14 05:14 pm (UTC)
I'd be foolish to say no to you, but I might just do it just to piss you off.

Though not really, because Blythie = love. (You're so lucky you have it in good with one of the mods)

(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: leujin
2005-12-14 05:19 pm (UTC)
Plus your answer to the "desert island" question rocked my socks. A winner is you.
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: misspadfoot
2005-12-14 07:57 pm (UTC)
Sweet! :D
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: grr_argh
2005-12-14 06:25 pm (UTC)
+ Duh you're an awesome geek with good taste in all things geek and... wee!

Of course
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: ice_dragon00
2005-12-15 04:46 pm (UTC)

Because My Little Ponies are the king shit.

God I'm tired.
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: desired_donkey
2005-12-15 08:33 pm (UTC)


(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: leujin
2006-01-13 06:47 am (UTC)
In case there was doubt in your mind, we're horribly lazy moderators. Like... horribly as in... I forgot that you applied.


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